Liquid Paraffin  Kf-70 USP



(Kf-85 USP, Kf-350, Kf 150/500)


Test Items Specifications
Specific Gravity                           15/4'C 0.8265
Reaction Neutral
Kinematic Viscosity @ 37.8'C          SUS 70
Flash Point                                 'C 190
Pour Point                                  'C -25.0
Saybolt +30
Odour Pass
Taste Pass
Carbonizable substance            by 95% H2SO4 Pass
U.V. Absorbance          (260 ~ 350 nm/DMSO) 0.05
Heavy Metal Pass
Sulfur Compound Pass
Arsenic Pass
Solid Paraffin Pass


Main Applications (Kf-70, Kf-85)

Body ointments, lotions                    (Base ingredient)
Baby oils and lotions                        (Principal ingredient)
Emulsifiable baby oils/ Bath oils           (Principal ingredient)
Suntan lotions                                (Base Material)
Cleansing, moisturizing                      (Solvent and emollient)
Cold cream                                    (Basic ingredient)
Foundation make up                         (Carrier)
Lipsticks                                       (Base ingredient)
Vegetable                                     (Protective coating, Wraps)
Bread and pastries                           (Divider oil, through grease)
Corn, Wheat                                   (Dust suppressant)
Fertilizer                                        (Anti-caking agent)
Textile and paper machinery                (Lubricants) etc.


Main Applications (Kf-350)

Plastic glass                                 (Polystyrene plasticizer)
Plastic film                                   (Compressor lubricant)
Plastic toy                                   (Carrier in PVC ad-pack)
Baby napkin                                 (Hot melt component)
Shoe sole                                   (TPE softener)
Car assembly                                (TPE extender)
Rubber gloves                               (Rubber extender)
Paper saturants                             (Water repellent, moisture, barrier,