Ceftriaxone Sodium Sterile USP 23    

Description White to yellowish crystalline powder
Identification                     IR Spectrum, HPLC RT          
Crystallinity          Crystalline                      
pH             6.0 - 8.0
Water (K.F)    8.0 - 11.0 %         
Sterility  Sterile
Bacterial endotoxins NMT 0.20 USP EU/ 
Particulate matter 

l0 NMT 6000         

25 NMT 600                      

Assay (as anhydrous

basis, HPLC)    

NLT 795/ 

(as ceftriaxone)

Storage Conditions:      To be kept in an airtight container, sealed to exclude microorganisms, protected from light and stored at a temperature not exceeding 5C.