Cefazolin Sodium Sterile

Tests Specifications
Description White to almost white crystalline powder
Identification HPLC, IR-Spectrum
Water Not more than 6.0%

Between 4.5 and 6.5 

(10% solution in water)

Specific Rotation Between -18' and -25'

(50mg/ml water)

Absorbance Between 264 and 290

(1.6mg/100ml water, 272nm)

Transmittance Not less than 70.0%

(10% Solution in water, 400nm)

Not less than 93.0%

(10% Solution in water, 450nm)

Color of Solution < Y3, YG3 (by CP97)
Clarity of Solution < Sol II (by CP97)
Solubility 25% in Water
Bacterial Endotoxins Negative
Sterility Negative
Assay Not less than 850ug/mg and

not more than 1050ug/mg as anhydrous basis